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The farm is nestled in the Sierra Foothills of Nevada County, California, minutes from the beautiful Yuba river. The winters are wet and green, the summers are dry and gold with big clear blue skies. The nights are cool and the galaxy glistens above. The air is filled with aromatic plants. The conditions are perfect for growing terpene filled, potent, medicinal grade cannabis.
Soil health is key at Hill Craft Farms. A lot of love and care is put into the soil. Attention is put into every aspect of cannabis production, from sourcing the best quality genetics to using the cleanest growing methods, down to precise drying and curing of the harvested flowers.
Hill Craft Farms is a Sun & Earth certified farm.
The Sun & Earth certification is dedicated to shifting the cannabis cultivation industry toward a cleaner, healthier, and more ethical future. A first-of-its-kind nonprofit certification for regenerative, organic cannabis, the Sun & Earth seal is based on a rigorous set of standards for cannabis grown in the soil, under the sun, by fairly paid farmers and farm workers with a positive social impact.